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It's not just breweries filling growlers; in recent years bars and restaurants with a bent towards good beer have added growler fills to their offerings. Even select Grocers offer beer to-go from a rotating selection of taps. This service allows customers to enjoy (and share) beer from breweries that are not within a reasonable travel distance. It also allows for customers to pick up fresh beer along with all the other necessary household items.

What’s with the name?

History is a bit unclear on just how this container became known as a growler. Perhaps it growled when the carbon dioxide escaped; maybe it was the rumble from the workman's hungry stomach at lunch just before the container was opened. Whatever it was, the name stuck. Before World War II, kids used to lug these covered buckets of beer to workers at lunch and to their parents at the end of the day. They called their task "rushing the growler".

Branded Brewsky provides glassware to display your beer, from your brewery, bar, or pub.

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14 Item(s)

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