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Art Specs

Decided on your glassware? Great Now let's discuss how to upload your art. After you select your product, and submit your information you will find an upload button to browse for and submit your art for review. One of our artist will contact you shortly to discuss any foreseeable problems.

What Files are acceptable?

For the best results we suggest Adobe Illustrator (.ai .eps .pdf), Photoshop (.psd .jpeg .tiff .gif .bmp) 300 dpi at actual size. Please make sure all fonts are saved as outlines/curves and all images are embedded inside the file.

Vector files vs. Raster files
Vector files use mathmatical information to create an image on the screen or when printed. Raster files use colored pixels to create the image. While needed to produce true full color designs raster art has many limitations. Vector files are the best way to ensure a razor sharp print. Vector art has the ability to increase size without becoming blurred. Vector art is also able to be manipulated for color separating purposes. Art does not become vector by placing a raster image into a vector based program. Orignal vector art work must be created by an artist inside of a vector illustration program. The images to the right are a visual explanation of the differences between these two file types.

Raster and Vector Files 


Printing Methods
At Branded Brewsky we use three kinds of printing methods to imprint your glassware.

1. Direct Screen Printing
When printing art that is 1-3 colors and has no resgistration issues we can print the art directly onto the item using a series of screens. One screen is used for each color in the design. This is the fastest and most cost effective method. See the right image for an example. This file can be produced as a "2 color direct imprint”.

2. Spot Color Decal
When printing a spot color job with many colors of very tight registration it is impossible to get the color seperations to line up perfectly through the direct screen method. In these cases the registration is done in the form of a decal that is then applied on the item. The decal is annealed to the glass and the finished effect is just as permanent as direct screen printing. This method require a 144 piece minimum. See to the right for an example. This would be a 4 color Spot decal.

3. Full Color Process Printing
lf the imprint or image has gradients, subtle changes in color shading or includes a photograph, it must be produced with the full color process method. Quotes are available based on sizing of the imprint. This method requires a 504 piece minimum.

Image Sizing
Your art will be sized to our maximum imprint of each item unless otherwise specified by the customer.

 printing options

Artwork Restoration & Design Services
lf your artwork is not in the correct format or the only version you have is at a very low resolution our art department can clean up or redraw the artwork for a fee. Have a brand new idea? Neep help with the design? Not a problem. We know the process of uploading art can be complicated, even frustrating. We are here to help. Feel free to contact us at anytime if you need assistance. Thanks!